I work on a bunch of projects in Detroit. Sometimes I take charge, or work collaboratively, other times I advise and support. Here are some of my favorites. 

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Detroit Kite Festival

Detroit Kite Festival uplifts kite flying and creation as a platform for radical inclusion, communal play, shared healing, and the celebration of culture and history.

In the summer of 2016, what was just a note jotted in my journal won out of 72 submissions at the Belle Isle SOUP. The following summer, with a full organizing team and a successful crowdfunding campaign, we continued Detroit's long history of kite flying by launching the first Detroit Kite Festival, welcoming well over 3,000 people. We gave away 1,000 kites.  In 2018, we implimented a successful second festival. 


Detroit Community Wealth Fund

Detroit Community Wealth Fund exists to empower innovative historically-marginalized Detroiters by providing non-extractive supportive loans to co-ops and community-based businesses in Detroit.

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Tricycle Collective

Our mission is to keep Detroit at Home. We believe that stable families build strong communities. We seek to create opportunities for stability through homeownership by collectivizing social, monetary and knowledge-based sources in order to change outcomes for families at risk of losing their housing to tax foreclosure.

 I have been organizing with Tricycle Collective since 2014. As a grassroots organization that is purely run by volunteers, we rely on increasing awareness of tax foreclosure to raise funds to help families become homeowners, and stay in their homes. The Organization started when Michele, the founder, realized that people living in foreclosed homes were unaware, and took it upon herself to help them find out how to save their home. She then launched a fundraising campaign to raise money to help provide the starting bid, since many of these homes were going for $500 in the tax auction. Since 2014, Tricycle Collective has helped over 80 families stay in their home, and become homeowners. Working here had an influence on my decision to pursue my MSW, and since being here I have learned more about what it means to be an effective organizer, and effective at working with community groups towards making policy changes.

Advocating for Cooperative Businesses

"Cooperatives are important in Detroit because in a place where there is extreme poverty and privatization, cooperatives offer a space where democracy and ownership are inherent."

I am passionate about helping to support the growing cooperative economy in Detroit. Here is an article I wrote about why I think co-ops should be support in our city.